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    Support TRC’s Peter Hiro Memorial Scholarship & Fundraising efforts of the Community Outreach Committee by wearing your boots or favorite team football jerseys/shirts for a $10.00 donation. There will also be a chance to win a voucher for a pair of Cowboy Boots for you during the meeting.  ($10.00 per ticket or $20.00 for 3 tickets).

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    Happy New Year TRC!  2018 has arrived and I’m excited to be sharing the next year with all of you. TRC had an incredible 2017. Under Lorie Wood’s leadership, TRC celebrated our 5th Year Anniversary and throughout the year we focused on “Learning from the Past” and “Growing for the Future”.

    In 2018, I’d like to continue on in the spirit of growth and fun. TRC is an incredible, growing organization that we are all fortunate to be a part of. Looking ahead, I hope to lead the effort to enhance the value of your membership while continuing to make our events and programs fun, interactive, and something we all look forward to.

    Not only does TRC host two amazing meetings per year, but we’ll continue hosting after-hours events as well. Who doesn’t love a fun night out on Broadway in downtown Nashville! We’ll be selective and intentional about the programs we choose to present to you during our meetings, and we’ll have some fun while we’re at it, TRC style of course.

    We’ll have new sponsorship opportunities that we anticipate past and future sponsors to love. Our Corporate Membership will see the revival of our Corporate Roundtable Session and will have a new tool to collaborate with other TN relocation professionals for benchmarking opportunities, discussion and assistance. You’ll see us on Social Media more, so don’t forget to share, retweet and comment on our posts! We hope to be in communication with you more often to create an environment of collaboration and knowledge.

    Our talented Board of Directors is already planning an exciting 2018 for all of us to look forward to.  We are exploring new ideas for Scholarship, Outreach, Programs, Logistics, and everything in between. We’re keeping things “outside the box” … just the way we like it.

    We will continue our support of the Oasis Center in 2018 and we will continue our dedication to fundraising for the Peter Hiro Memorial Scholarship Fund that we renamed in 2017. We hope that you will pass along the scholarship opportunity to anyone who may qualify so we can reach all of the deserving students in TN.  

    If you haven’t yet renewed your membership with TRC for 2018, you will definitely want to do so soon.  Don’t miss out on this exciting year ahead!  We are looking forward to seeing each of you at our Spring Meeting, held at Nissan Stadium on April 12th.

    Wishing you a happy, healthy and productive 2018!

    All my best,    

    Kristin Peterson

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    As 2017 draws to a close, I, joined by the entire TRC Board of Directors, want to thank our Members and Guests for a fantastic 5th year. As we have focused this year on continuing our growth, we are ending 2017 with a whopping 130 members up from 100 members in 2016. We hope to see current members continuing their involvement and new members joining as we move into the next stage of the organization’s life. The membership renewal email will be coming soon, so don’t forget to renew your membership online. If you are not currently a TRC member but are interested in membership, please click here for more information: Membership.

    We are planning exciting programs and great venues for our 2018 meetings. Our spring meeting is tentatively planned for April 12, 2018 and the fall meeting for October 24th or 25th. Please save the dates and extend your calendar hold for after the meeting because we are exploring after-hour activity possibilities also. Planning is underway, and we will be providing additional details in early 2018.

    Reflecting on our 5th anniversary year, 2017 was a big year for our organization. TRC had significant accomplishments and endured challenges, but overall this was a great year! This was only possible through the support of all of you and the help of an amazing Board of Directors.

    This year, we have seen the highest participation in TRC ever. We had the highest number of members, committee involvement, and meeting registrations TRC has ever had. We also received the highest survey satisfaction for the meetings. This indicates, not only are we growing, but we are doing it right.

    We dedicated the scholarship as TRC’s Peter Hiro Memorial Scholarship, and we awarded a $1,000 scholarship to a deserving high school senior. Thanks to your generous donations, we will be ending this year with a record amount in our Community Outreach Fund of about $3,725. This money will be used for the scholarship and other community outreach and charitable giving in the future.

    We were able to donate $1,500 to the Worldwide ERC Foundation for Hurricane Harvey relief. Thanks to regional group contributions and ERC’s match, a total of $30,588 was raised for this cause. With an annual donation budgeted for charitable giving, TRC will be donating $1,000 to the Oasis Center this month to continue our charitable partnership with them. If you are interested in learning more about the Oasis Center please visit https://oasiscenter.org/ .

    I am extremely excited to announce the 2018 Executive Board and Committee Chairs:

    Executive Board

    • President: Kristin Peterson, Louisiana-Pacific Corporation
    • Vice President: Lori Stillwell, EverBank
    • Treasurer: Sara Hanlin, National Corporate Housing
    • Secretary: Brad Brekle, Ward North American

    Committee Chairs

    • Community Outreach: Joe Dudek, Quicken Loans
    • Logistics: Teresa Summers, Dollar General Corporation
    • Membership: Eve Seib, OneSource Relocation  
    • Programs: Nicole Awalt, Oakwood Worldwide
    • Sponsorship: Andi Parker, Air Animal Pet Movers
    • Technology/Communications: Jacob Green, Asurion

    Board Advisory Members

    • Dan White, The Immigration Group, P.C.
    • Keith Michelsen, Relo Direct Inc.
    • Lorie Wood, Nissan North America

    Many members have asked about joining a committee. If you are interested in participating, please contact us at info@tennesseerelocationcouncil.org.

    I want to personally thank you. It has been truly humbling to be trusted as your President this year. I appreciate you for your confidence and support. It has been a pleasure. Thank you again for all of your support of TRC. I hope you have a great holiday season and Happy New Year. I look forward to seeing you in 2018!


    Lorie Wood

    2017 TRC President

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    and the nominees are...  Click here to view.

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    Support TRC the Peter Hiro Memorial Scholarship & Fundraising efforts by wearing your boots or favorite team football jerseys/teeshirts for a $10.00 donation. In addition there will also be a raffle during the meeting.  ($10.00 per ticket or $20.00 for 3 tickets)

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    Due to a technical glitch in the Wild Apricot Association Management platform you may receive duplicate e-mails. We apologize for this duplication that occurs randomly and for any confusion or inconvenience this may cause.  We want to assure you that the Apricots at Wild Apricot are working on repairing this glitch. We thank you for your understanding .  Technology & Communications

    Due to a techinical glitch in the Wild Apricot Association Management platform you may receive duplicate e-mails. We apologize for this duplication that occurs randomly and wat to assure you that the Apricots at Wild Apricot are working on repairing this glitch.  We thank you for your understanding.
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    To all our TRC members,

    We as an organization are at a pivotal point.  Our past and the knowledge we have collectively gained have rooted and established us.  Our heritage of insightful, pioneering leaders built the foundation for an organization of members who embrace change and growth with an excitement for new challenges.  We will continue to be a growing, thriving community of engaged and committed professionals, built upon a strong base of wisdom and experience, and now is the time to prepare for continued growth for the future.  We are poised to step confidently forward.  We are prepared to accept the challenges that change brings and excitedly anticipate TRC’s transformation as we incorporate this change into our next stages of growth.

    We are witnessing some of these changes right now.  We are making significant enhancements to our website including THIS BLOG!  We want all the membership to find a treasure-trove of knowledge and support with just a few clicks.  Sponsorship and Membership will see efficiencies that technology such as this brings.  Our Community Outreach is planning support for the newly dedicated Peter Hiro Memorial Scholarship, and our Logistics and Programs Committees are planning an event “like no other” on November 2.  At this meeting we will be focusing on “Growing for the Future” with hot industry-relevant topics and fun activities to foster our engagement.  We will conclude this fall’s celebration of TRC’s 5th anniversary with an afterhours event at Nashville’s Hard Rock Café. 

    This is a great time to be a member of TRC.  Get ready for exciting changes!  Use our new community tools to learn from the past and get involved to grow for the future.  Begin clicking around NOW!

    Lorie Wood

    TRC President

  • 15 Aug 2017 5:07 PM | Administrator (Administrator)

    A Note from Technology & Communications:

    TRC is pleased to re-introduce our website to you! Over the last 2 months, we have considered user experience, building content and value, navigation and aesthetic. We feel confident that having new technology and a new look will help to propel us forward into the future of TRC! We hope that you start clicking around right away, and better yet, visit our Upcoming Event Registration Page!

    New features include:

    • Featured Board of Director
    • Twitter Feed
    • Blog Posting
    • About Us
    • Board of Directors
    •  Join Us
    • Committee Roles & Responsibilities
    • Corporate Member Only Forum (to launch following the upcoming Fall Meeting)
    • Enhanced Sponsorship Page
    • Redesigned resources page for helpful information
    • Job Posting Page
    • And beautiful new look to our Logo and Site!

    TRC is excited to open Registration for the Fall 2017 Meeting in Nashville, TN held at Nissan Stadium on Thursday November 2, 2017. We promise a fun, informative and engaging day at one of our best rated venues used in the past. 

    Kristin Peterson

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