A Message from the President

15 Aug 2017 5:13 PM | Administrator (Administrator)

To all our TRC members,

We as an organization are at a pivotal point.  Our past and the knowledge we have collectively gained have rooted and established us.  Our heritage of insightful, pioneering leaders built the foundation for an organization of members who embrace change and growth with an excitement for new challenges.  We will continue to be a growing, thriving community of engaged and committed professionals, built upon a strong base of wisdom and experience, and now is the time to prepare for continued growth for the future.  We are poised to step confidently forward.  We are prepared to accept the challenges that change brings and excitedly anticipate TRC’s transformation as we incorporate this change into our next stages of growth.

We are witnessing some of these changes right now.  We are making significant enhancements to our website including THIS BLOG!  We want all the membership to find a treasure-trove of knowledge and support with just a few clicks.  Sponsorship and Membership will see efficiencies that technology such as this brings.  Our Community Outreach is planning support for the newly dedicated Peter Hiro Memorial Scholarship, and our Logistics and Programs Committees are planning an event “like no other” on November 2.  At this meeting we will be focusing on “Growing for the Future” with hot industry-relevant topics and fun activities to foster our engagement.  We will conclude this fall’s celebration of TRC’s 5th anniversary with an afterhours event at Nashville’s Hard Rock Café. 

This is a great time to be a member of TRC.  Get ready for exciting changes!  Use our new community tools to learn from the past and get involved to grow for the future.  Begin clicking around NOW!

Lorie Wood

TRC President

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