'TRC Tuesdays Diamond Sponsor

Tennessee Relocation Council would like to once again thank our 2020 Diamond sponsor!  We appreciate all of their contributions and continuous support of TRC. 

As promised, we are showcasing them again this week. We asked them for information that would provide a benefit for our TRC members. Here is what the Team at Air Animal Pet Movers had to say:

“Pets are moving during this worldwide pandemic. In fact, TRC member Air Animal Pet Movers has helped more than 110 pets join their families at new homes in the U.S. or around the globe since March 15th.  Air Animal’s new COVID Pet Moving FAQ answers the top 10 questions people ask about relocating with their pets now. They also posted a new blog about adopting puppies and kittens over the Internet and how best to avoid being scammed.”

Please visit the Air Animal Pet Movers website for a great in-depth video on how they are helping during this global pandemic.

Bailey relocated from Bronx, NY to Kona, HI in June and immediately got his “goldendoodle” tan on.

Once again THANK YOU to Dr. Walter Woolf, VMD, CEO and the Team at Air Animal Pet Movers

Please reach out to the team if you have any needs or questions in their area of expertise. 

Dr. Walter Woolf, Air Animal Pet Movers, drwalter.woolf@airanimal.com, Phone: 800.635.3448 or 813.879.3210.

This email will mark the end of our TRC Tuesdays to promote our amazing sponsors.  Thank you so much for all of your support this year, we as a board could not ask for a better group! 

TRC Board of Directors

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